Sunday Morning Spotlight: Sione Pouha

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The Jets will be running more 4 man fronts this season, often even running the “46”, as we have discussed. Sione Pouha will have big responsibilities, although they might not show up in the boxscore.

Pouha will often be locked up one on one with either the center, or one of the guards. There will be several of these types of matchups on the line, which will leave the outside rushers with more room to roam and rush. That being said, there will be a lot of traffic on the inside.

It will be on Pouha to tie up one or two of these guys at a time, in order to leave room for the pass rushers to run free. Therefore, getting clogged up in the middle will not necessarily garner Sione huge numbers, but it will be just as important for the Jets defense to be successful as Coples rushing from the outside.

Spotlight on an important guy, Sione Pouha.

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