NFLPA Continues Useless Lawsuits Over BountyGate

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Finally, we go back to this ridiculous argument that the commissioner is over stepping his bounds.

Again…he’s not.

Read the CBA that you signed, Mr. Smith. He’s not over stepping. He is doing what you agreed to.

Take a look at this quote, again, from the CBA:

Commissioner may serve as hearing officer in any appeal under Section 1 (a) of this Article at
his discretion.

What is section 1 (a) of this article you ask? Here is the description of the situations involved:

All disputes involving a fine or suspension imposed upon a player for conduct on the playing field (other than as described in Subsection (b) below) or involving action taken against a player by the Commissioner for conduct detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of professional football,…

Conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game of professional football, doesn’t paying to injure other players sound like it falls under that category? 2 arbitrators have already agreed.

But yet, the NFLPA continues this useless exercise.

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