Ellis Lankster to Help Solve the Gronk Problem

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He went on to talk about how he is learning from Revis and Cromartie, and working hard to learn the playbook. The coaches expect a lot out of this young man, and he is doing his best not to disappoint.

He is not a large defensive back at 5’9″ 190 pounds. Guys like Gronkowski will certainly have the size advantage on this man. That isn’t necessarily the biggest problem.

Lankster will have to learn to play physically on the line of scrimmage. The way to stop guys like that is to not let them get free releases off the line, which means making contact in the first five yards. If Gronk is allowed to run free, he, and everyone else will be in big trouble.

If he can jam tight ends on the line of scrimmage, Lankster will have a puncher’s chance.

It’s great to see a guy working this hard, and we can’t wait to see him in training camp.

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