Earth to Saints Players: Enough!

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Let’s look at the argument that the players are actually making, the argument against the process. The NFLPA’s argument was that the commissioner can’t hear these appeals, as it is basically a conflict of interest.

Now, read this excerpt from the CBA:

..the Commissioner may serve as hearing officer in any appeal under Section 1 (a) of this Article at
his discretion.

In case you were wondering, Section 1(a) refers in part, to conduct detrimental to the game, which these suspensions are.

So, the very point that the NFLPA is arguing, is a point that THEY AGREED UPON. Is DeMaurice Smith saying he didn’t read it? He loses a lot of credibility by arguing a point in an agreement that he signed.

Despite all of that, the players went through their appeals, and lost.

Time to take your punishments. Earth to the Saints now, it’s enough.

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