New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part II

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In Part II of our Madden Film Session, JETSerious will focus in on another play that could benefit the New York Jets and Tim Tebow, in their run-oriented offense.

If you missed Part I, featuring Tim Tebow and his possible role as Halfback… you can visit it, by clicking here.

Because Madden NFL 12 doesn’t feature the Speed Option as an Offensive play-call, we had to get a little creative. Nevertheless, the pitch will still serve as a threat to defenses, in which they will have to stop like they would with the option.

In our Madden Film Session Part II, we will be using a Split-backs formation:

  • 3WR-Stephen Hill (left), Chaz Schillens (slot left), Santonio Holmes (right)
  • 1RB-Joe McKnight
  • 1FB–John Conner
  • 1QB –Tim Tebow (subs in for Mark Sanchez on this play)

Although it appears like RB Joe McKnight is the lone tailback…that is not the case. Prior to the snap, FB John Conner would be lined up behind Guard Brandon Moore, and to the right of RB Joe McKnight. He is eventually put into motion (left) to help block when the ball is snapped. Conner looks like he is lined up in the Tight End spot, standing up.

The idea is to get WR Stephen Hill (lined up left), to run his man deep off the line of scrimmage. This helps to distinguish whether the Cornerback is playing man or zone coverage. If he runs with Hill he is playing man, but if he’s sitting in a spot–he’s playing zone.

If your wondering why Chaz Schillens is missing, it’s because he was supposed to seal a block left…but failed to do so. (But hey… the computer can’t do everything, right?).

Anyway, Joe McKnight looks to be WIDE OPEN running in the flat. Tebow can complete the pass to him, but a TD is no guarantee. Patience is key on this play, because when Tebow presses the line of scrimmage, it forces each defensive player to defend one thing or the other. You can say that this is a big asset when having a running QB, because he counts as an extra man on offense. By extra man, I mean that if it were Sanchez under center, he would hand the ball off and not serve as a blocker. Here, Tebow is the runner, so essentially, the RB is an extra blocker—assuming he doesn’t get the handoff. He takes a man out of the play though, serving as a decoy.

The next image will explain it further.



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  • Ziggy12

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I’m champin’at the bit to see the possibilities that will unfold this season, now that we have Tebow & our new receiving “Flight Boys”. What a great idea JetSerious!!
    Wonder if Sporano & the other coaches & players are watching???

  • JETSerious

     Thanks for reading!Hahaha I doubt Sparano is going to see this but that’d be funny. He’d probably ask me to take it down… it  might be giving away his gameplans!!!

  • JETSerious

     Thanks for reading!  
    Hahaha I doubt Sparano is going to see this but that’d be funny. He’d probably ask me to take it down… it  might be giving away his gameplans!!!

  • chuckphilpott

    I love the idea to have madden show images but it’s still madden n it’s not cut n dry on an option play which is given away any time 15 is in teams have prepared for plays like this and a speed option is assignment fball.. Anytime tebow is in there will be 8 in the box. Now the qb reads what the de does which u did a great time showing s the de takes the lb I’m sure the safety is closer or a lb has the qb as his assignment same thing with de it’s ll pre determined de has RBI n lb has qb during practice so there def will be more guys around than in madden plus the speed is much greater. Still I love the idea of run pass option that’s what is scary about Tim. He’s a better passer than any rb.

  • chuckphilpott

    My iPad doesn’t love abbreviations obviously lol but I meant rb not lb n rb not RBI

  • JETSerious

    Yeah it’s all good, I understand what your abbreviations meant.As for the option play, I’d have to say it wasn’t the best of choices on my part. You are right, it’s never cut and dry with Madden. In fact, there is no option play in Madden, so that’s why it looks a little weird. But the reason I chose to do this play, is to show the decision-making-process that the Defense is forced to make…
    Run or pass? Defend one. On this play they defended the pass. If there were 8 in the box, Tebow would’ve passed it.
    But hey, I thought this would be a “different” type of article during a quiet time for Jets fans lol so I gave it a go…
    There will be more to come and I’ll do my best to make it more realistic!
    Thanks for reading!