Jim Kelly Thinks Sanchez/Tebow is Trouble, and Likes It

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Kelly went on to say that he really didn’t understand what the Jets were thinking, and that had this happened to him while he was in Buffalo, he would have feared a bit for his job security. Fortunately for Kelly, Frank Reich, although making his mark with a 35-3 comeback to his record, understood his place as the backup quarterback.

During the interview, Jim Kelly went on to reluctantly showed his still strong feelings towards his former team when he made this comment:

“I hope there’s so much turmoil during (Jets) training camp.”

No surprise that Kelly would be excited about chaos possibilities with the Jets. Anyone who played for the rival of a team is going to feel that way for their former opponent. He certainly shares a popular opinion about Sanchez and Tebow as well.

He will see it play out soon enough, as his former team comes into MetLife Stadium week 1, which is not too far away.

Although it can’t come soon enough.

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