Flight 5 Live: If You Aren't Watching, You are Missing Out

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Jets fans, make sure you are tuning into these guys tonight, and every Friday.

For those who don’t know yet, Flight 5 Live is an internet radio show by Jets fans, for us Jets fans. It’s made up of Jets fans and bloggers, and they talk all things Jets.

The link to their show can be found by clicking here.

Every Friday night at 7, they host a roundtable talk show about all current topics regarding the Jets, and have a great time doing it. The hosts led by Nicholas Spano, go around the room talking about topics ranging from the off season, to interest topics such as previous Jets they would have on the team now.

A fun segment involved skits in their opening show, and the second week they chose their inaugural class of the Hall of Shame that was quite entertaining.

Here are your hosts(click on their names for a full bio):

Nick Spano                            Francesco “Frank” Vittorini                              William Spano

Brian Imbemba                     Kristine Reese

Their chemistry is what gets the job done.

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