ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: “The fix is in”

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Mass confusion for opposing Defenses

The possibilities that the Jets have on Offense this year are endless. Opposing Defenses must ask themselves the following on any given snap:

  • Who’s under center, Sanchez or Tebow?
  • What formation are they in?
  • Are they running the option?
  • Are Sanchez and Tebow BOTH on the field at the same time?

(Or my favorite)

  • If so, is there a trick play coming?



Defensive Coordinators NEED to ask themselves (and answer) these types of questions on every single down. That can be exhausting for coaches, as it tends to add tons of stress. Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine saw it first hand on one bad call…Cover Zero. It single-handedly killed the Jets in 2011, and ultimately gave them a loss in Denver late in the season.



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