Jets Rookies Learning, and Bonding

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Davis has been stuck like glue to linebackers coach Bob Sutton, but that hasn’t stopped he and other rookies from bonding off the field as well.

Davis, Jordan White and sixth-round pick Terrance Ganaway plan to start a Bible study group together. Almost all the rookies joined up for Madden sessions back at the hotel after late film, and Jets director of player development Dave Szott hosted a barbecue at his house. Quinton Coples and Davis, along with other rookies did a little retail therapy at a local mall as well.

Jordan White is enjoying the experience, as he feels it’s easier to ask questions without as many players around:

“You get a little bit more of a voice, I’d say,” White said. “When a lot of the veterans are there, you might not be able to ask so many questions and it’s more up-tempo and fast paced, but now we get that one-on-one time with those guys.”

Good to see them all making good use of the time getting to know their playbooks, and each other. This can only mean good things on the football field.

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