Ray Lucas Blames NFL for Painkiller Addiction

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Ray Lucas is a happy guy working as an analyst for SNY. But when you talk about how his battles with addiction have been reported, you get a very different Ray Lucas. A May 12th post on nfl.com reported that Ray Lucas took responsibility for his addiction, but he has much more to say than that:

“Where was the NFL when I said I would kill myself?” a furious Lucas says. “Where is the story on everything that has happened to my wife and family? Where was the story on that?”

The former Jets quarterback struggled with depression and painkiller addiction thanks to the injuries he received during his eight year career in the NFL. The depression caused problems with his wife and children, and he would go for days on end without being able to get out of bed. He went to the league and the player’s association for help, but was turned away. He even considred suicide before things finally turned around.

He’s gotten treatment for his addiction and injuries, and he is doing well, all things considered.

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