Jets Backup QB Doesn't Fit into Business Model

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However, Woody Johnson no doubt expected the ticket sales to increase. He expected Tebowmania to fill his stadium.

Didn’t he realize that a backup quarterback wasn’t going to do the trick? The Jets have made it clear that the starting quarterback is Mark Sanchez. As we know, this is the right decision for the team on the field.

This goes against Woody Johnson’s plan to fill the stadium with Tebowmania. Tebow fans are not dumb, they are not going to flock to the stadium on the whim that their guy might play.

The proof is in the pudding. They had to reduce ticket prices. The plan did not work.

I guess “if you sign him, they will come”, did not work for the Jets.

Great for us as fans, but not great for Woody, who was clearly seeing $ signs when he acquired Tim Tebow.

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