New Orleans Saints Need to Man Up

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First off, let’s talk about the amount of evidence that the NFL collected. Not 100 pages, not 1,000 pages. Not even 10,000 pages, they collected over 20,000 pages of evidence. Whether you like Roger Goodell and what he has done or not, this is obviously a lot of evidence.

Did they get 20,000 pages “wrong”, as Hargrove says? I tend to doubt it.

Listen to those audio tapes, the one from the championship game where you hear “Give me my money”, after they discuss Favre being out, and the now famous Gregg Williams tape.

Whether the Williams tape should have gotten out is for another discussion, the fact of the matter is that it did get out. Now, as they say, the “cat is out of the bag”. Can these guys really try to claim that a program wasn’t in place, when these audio tapes make it clear that there absolutely WAS one in place?

Who is kidding who here?

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  • russ51

    Saints players should shut up  and let this story die down,  before it’s traced back to other teams that may have used similar systems.
    like maybe the Jets, I seem to remember T Sugs saying something about being part of a bounty program in a radio interview.
    What a hypocrite.

    • Alan Schechter

      I never heard that, interesting. You are probably right that a lot of teams have had something similar and the Saints were the unfortunate ones that got caught.

  • Straightup

    Exactly what the Saints want to do because it’s not fair to just target the Saints for a bounty. Don’t you agree or you just want the saints to be the only team? You are the hypcrite in this case.

  • Straightup

     Roger goodell claims to have over 20,000 pages of so-called evidence but he’s only showing manufactured evidence that’s weak? Let’s breakdown goodell’ so-called evidence. First of all the video where Hargrove was to have said “Gimme my money”. Anybody can see that a hiss before the audio and the video  indicate a voice over and the video could not show Hargrove say: ” Gimme my money”! Hargrove was blocked by another player and the sound was very distorted. If Goodell have evidence, he would of not waited so long to show it. Goodell wanted the Saints to take the fall by first misleading the Saints and the media that the bounty was a pay-per-performance. Instead Goodell twisted it and came out to say later that the Saints ran a pay-to-injure system. Goodell is looking to blame the team for something he knew the NFL was responsible for and thats dealing with the current lawsuit by former players for concussions. Goodell is trying to make the Saints confess to a system they did not run. This is what this is all about.   But the New Orleans Saints are not stupid Goodell and yes, you will have to present your so-called other evidence. I urge the New Orleans Saints their fans and Media interested in the truth to go full steam ahead and expose all the other teams involved since they choose to be quiet.