Stop the Nonsense Tim Tebow Stories

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Talk to me about how Tebow is working to improve his accuracy, that is what Jets fans want to know. How is he going to come in, god forbit it’s necessary, and throw two passes in a row without bouncing them? That is what Jets fans care about.

How is Tebow getting along in the playbook? Does he have a good relationship with his fellow offensive players? Is he supporting Mark, who by the way is the starting quarterback? I don’t see all of these stories coming out about Mark Sanchez. We don’t need them, but telling them about Tebow is unnecessary either.

Tim Tebow won a good guy award today. That is a perfect example of an exception to my rule. An accomplishment in life should be reported on about any player.

I’m talking about the stories about Tebow cardboard cutouts and proms. I’m talking about Father’s Day speeches. These are the types of things we don’t need to report about.

If Tebow wants to be a preacher, that’s fine. Keep that to other sections of the news.

He’s an athlete, keep it to sports and related news. Stop the nonsense.

It’s enough.

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