NFLPA Outrage at Bounty Punishments is Ridiculous

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If the players didn’t like, or want, the possibility of Goodell handing out punishments like these, they had their remedy.

They could have negotiated the point in the CBA. They agreed to the CBA, and it allows Goodell to hand out punishments, and in cases like these, hear the appeals. They agreed to it.

There’s a saying, if you aren’t going to like the answer, don’t ask the question. Well, it goes something like that. But whatever the exact words are, it applies here.

If you don’t like what Goodell is doing, don’t agree to let him have the authority.

You did, so get over your outrage. It’s ridiculous. You gave him the power.

How about not having a Bounty program, and not getting into this mess in the first place? How’s that for an idea?

Your outrage, NFLPA, is ridiculous. Enough.

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