NFLPA Outrage at Bounty Punishments is Ridiculous

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Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Today, the players suspended for Bountygate have their appeals heard in front of Commissioner Goodell. As he was the man responsible for the punishments, the likelihood of the punishments changing is very small.

But that didn’t stop DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA today. In a statement today, the NFLPA stated how “outraged” they were at the way the NFL handled the situation.

I guess the good will between the league and its players is gone now, huh?

Secondly, the outrage is ridiculous. The NFLPA has to come off of its high horse, because they are being, and are, ridiculous.

Here’s why.(cont)

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