Tim Tebow Bulking Up at the Jets Request

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The Jets were ranked number one in the redzone in 2011, but they did not retain their best weapon, Plaxico Burress. They feel that Tim Tebow will add a new dimension to the offense on a short field.

As far as going in for reps with the starters, Tebow says not to draw much significance from it.

“Coach [Tony] Sparano does it every now and then, kind of throws you in there,” he said, referring to the offensive coordinator. “I don’t know if it’s necessarily a plan; it’s just kind of a feel thing.”

Tim’s primary work has been at the quarterback position, as coach Sparano’s objective has been to make him a better quarterback. His accuracy has been inconsistent so far, but that can happen when playing with the twos. Tebow won’t let this be looked at as a disadvantage

“One way to look at it is, if you do a good job with the group you’re with, you should do even a better job with the ones,” he said.

Tim Tebow is certainly a hard worker, and it seems as if he is accepting his role as a supporting performer to Mark Sanchez. Hopefully it will stay this way, because it won’t be good if he takes over for Mark.

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