The Kenrick Ellis Agreement Sends a Bad Message

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According to all accounts, Kenrick Ellis is one of the most improved Jets coming into 2012. Coach Rex Ryan singled him out, along with Vladimir Ducasse, as the most improved Jets. With the team adding young defensive linemen, prompting a possible switch to more four man fronts, Ellis performing well will be essential to team success.

But, Ellis had a problem when he arrived in New Jersey. His pending trial for felony malicious wounding. If he had been found guilty, there was the potential of being deported, as he is not an American citizen.

So, he enters the “Alford” plea. He doesn’t admit to anything, except for the fact that he knows he could lose at trial. He pleads down to misdemeanor assault, to serve 45 days in jail. The point of this is not to argue the merits of a plea bargain, obviously they happen all the time.

However, more accomodations were made for Ellis with regards to football. These accomodations, which I will go through, send the wrong message. As much as they are great for the Jets, it sends a bad message.

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