Mark Sanchez Moving on from 2011

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Mark Sanchez improved in many statistical categories in 2011. The season was also marred by great inconsistencies, that were a big part of the Jets undoing in 2011.

We are here in 2012, and it seems like Mark Sanchez is ready to take the reigns, and move forward from last year. Coach Ryan has praised Mark’s work ethic, and the fact that he has added some lower body strength. Sanchez has had more on his mind than impressing Rex though:

“It’s important to me not just to impress Rex, but really compete… against myself, against the outcome of last season, against any kind of negative feelings we had moving on from last year,” Sanchez said after the second day of minicamp on Wednesday. “(So I can) understand why we didn’t play as well as we did — how can we fix it? — and now is my chance to do it. I just wanted to make sure I was prepared and ready to handle the season.”

Rex Ryan did acknowledge that Tim Tebow brings a lot to the table as a football player, but wants the world, and everyone who will listen, to know that Mark is the guy to take this team into the future. He even went so far to say that Tebow will only practice with the second team offense(although he did take 2 reps with the first team on Wed), and Mark exclusively with the starters. Any reps that Tebow has with the ones, will be in Wildcat packages.

Clearly, he is putting forth the defined roles for his two quarterbacks.

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