Fast Pace Will Lead Jets to Success in 2012

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The Jets became a slow team in 2011. We all saw it. The offense had no rhythm, no pace, and the defense uncharacteristically got beaten on the edge.

The Jets were slow, and they did everything slow.

There is a saying that goes for any type of performance medium, be it sports or performing arts. It goes, “You perform the way you practice”. Or something like that, but that is the idea. The point is, if practice is anything like how the Jets will perform, then the slow, sluggish pace is a thing of the past.

Watch them at practice this summer, if you haven’t seen them in minicamp yet. Or even if you have. Everything about the practice is about keeping the tempo up. That is actually something you hear repeated many times, “Rhythm and pace, rhythm and pace”. Over and over again. Now, they are preaching the opposite.

Even things that are as seemingly simple as getting out of the huddle, they are preaching up tempo. No aimless wandering, no screwing around, get the play called, and get to the line.

This will make the Jets more successful, especially on offense.

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