For the Defense, Flexibility is Key

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So what are the Jets going to do in 2012? With the defensive genius of Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine the Jets will most likely remain one of the league’s most flexible defenses.  While the addition of Wilkerson and Coples over the past two years can certainly allow Gang Green to better utilize 4-3 schemes, I cannot envision a total philosophy change away from the 3-4. I can see the Jets running more 4-3 looks on early downs, and in the red zone to reduce defensive mistakes and decrease chunk yardage plays due to being out of position. When the game is on the line, and pressure needs to be applied, I would wager the Jets will be in their 3-4 alignment with their best pass rushing linebackers on the field creating confusion, and hopefully lots of pressure.


Pros: confuses opposition, flexibility, personnel already in place, proven successful

Cons: complicated schemes to learn, can leave players out of position, requires dominant nose tackle


Pros: less complicated scheme opens space for LB’s, less chunk yardage plays

Cons: personnel not in place, less confusing to opposition, can allow LB’s to be exposed in coverage

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