Dolphins Signing Ochocinco Will Help Jets

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Stranded on Revis Island

Darrelle Revis has shut down Chad JOHNSON plenty of times before. I expect both games this year to be no different. Chad’s career is on the downfall and he could retire after his one year with the Dolphins. However, right now, he won’t do a thing going up against Revis. We can pretty much expect that.

Even running his routes on “Al-CRO-traz”, Ochocinco would still struggle. The only way Chad could make an impact against the Jets would be in man coverage vs. Kyle Wilson. Wilson is in his third year, and some would argue that he CAN handle covering #85. However, if Wilson is covering Chad, that means Revis/Cromartie are covering elsewhere. Thus, meaning we have bigger and better things (WR’s) to worry about.

I don’t see Ochocinco creating havoc vs. the Jets this season. If anything, he will help wear down/chop away at our divisional opponents. Therefore, he would actually be helping us.

Can you believe “Ochocinco, and help Jets” are used in the same sentence? Hey, at least he’s not hurting us, by playing for us!!

The Big Question

Can Ochocinco’s revenge on the Patriots somehow help the Jets win the AFC East?

It’s an interesting topic. Comment below to tell us what you think!

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