Dolphins Signing Ochocinco Will Help Jets

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Ochocinco Finds Work

After being release by the New England Patriots, WR Chad Ochocinco worked out for Miami. The Dolphins signed Ochocinco soon after–to a one-year deal. With that said, let’s think about how the signing will help the Jets this season.

Revenge on New England

After getting cut by the Patriots, Ochocinco obviously wants revenge on his former team. Think about it. He wants to show Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft that they made a mistake, by releasing him. Who wouldn’t want a little revenge like this on someone they used to work for? I can say that I would.

Ochocinco is going to be ready for both games vs. NE. The veteran still has the potential to do some damage against an average (at best) Patriots secondary. Ranked nearly last in the NFL last year, New England may have trouble keeping him intact.

Ochocinco is far past his prime, but if he can help the Jets by scoring a Touchdown or two vs. the Pats—I’ll take it. I’m sure every Jets fan can agree on that.

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