10 Awesomely Awesome Meaningless Meaningful Jets/NFL Thoughts

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Tebow's handling of the media is getting more and more scruitny lately.

– Former Patriots Linebacker and current ESPN Analyst Tedy Bruschi had some “advice” for Jets QB Tim Tebow  this past week in telling Tebow to scale back his comments to the media.  Now, I’m certain no one will confuse me for a raging Tebow fanatic or break into my house and discover a Tebow Fathead plastered on my wall but Bruschi’s comments were simply moronic and quite confusing to say the least.  Yes Tebow is the backup QB but like it or NOT he’s a polarizing figure and is one of the most popular players in the league so expecting him to regurgitate the “no comment” line at every microphone shoved in his face is simply stupid.  Tebow HASN’T said anything contrary to what Rex or Mark has said and has been a team player thus far.  Yes Tebow mentions the word “competition” in his statements from time to time but that is because reporters are asking him “how is the competition going so far?”  What’s he SUPPOSE to say? “Well there really isn’t a competition, I just like throwing balls”???  He’s a competitor and is competing for a job like EVERYONE else on this team REGARDLESS of their positions or tenure, PERIOD!



–    When Aaron Maybin first came to the Jets after the Bills released him, he was 229 pounds soaking wet.  Maybin somehow managed to make that work for him and the Jets defense as he ended up leading the team in sacks with 6 in LIMTED snaps.  So imagine the school girl crush I have on the FACT that he’s beasting up to become even more beastly.  Maybin has reportedly packed on 20 pounds thus far and is up to 250 pounds with only 3% body fat in an attempt to become more of a complete OLB for the Jets so his snaps won’t be as limited as they were last season and in turn, giving him more chances to be an impact player and yes of course to secure a long term contract seeing as though he was tendered for this upcoming season with the Jets.  There isn’t a harder more dedicated worker on this Jets defense with more to prove than Maybin.  He’s an EASY guy to root for and that’s what I’ll be doing this fall.  What about you?

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