Wayne Hunter Must Be More Aggressive

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To illustrate, take a look at this tape of Hunter going up against Von Miller, with a familiar result:

Now that you have watched it and groaned, watch it again, and really take a look at Hunter. Specifically take a look at Hunter’s feet.

Do you see how he keeps moving his feet backwards, and never gets them set? Yes, when you are pass blocking, you start by moving backwards to form the pocket. But at some point, you have to set your feet and provide resistance against the guy rushing against you.

But if you look, that never happens. Wayne keeps his feet moving backwards, Miller easily keeps him going one direction, and tosses him aside like a bag of garbage, right before he plants Mark Sanchez in the Denver turf.

Had he set his feet, he would have given Miller a bit of trouble getting to Mark. At 6’5″ 318 pounds, he certainly is a good size. It isn’t like he is too small to play the position.

He has to take a more aggressive position against these guys, and not give the rusher the upperhand. It takes aggressiveness.

Wayne Hunter has to be more aggressive. Just one fix that might make him a better right tackle.

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