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Tedy Bruschi to Tebow:"Stop talking to the Media so Much"

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Sitting on the same show panel, former Jets tackle Damien Woody echoed the opinions of Bruschi, saying that Tebow should stick to learning his playbook, and supporting Mark Sanchez in the background. On talking to the media, Woody said Tebow should “leave that stuff to Mark Sanchez”.

They both are right on the money. The idea of a “one voice” concept is excellent. Tim Tebow could decline to talk, and defer to Sanchez, but unfortunately that will never happen. With all of the popularity that Tim Tebow brings to the table, there is no way that Tebow’s media time will be cut back.

The Jets, whether we like to admit it or not, love the media attention. We love our team, and that doesn’t take away from that feeling. But the Jets love the attention, Woody loves seeing the team with the back page headlines. As such, the Jets will likely be having press conferences after games for both the starter and the backup QB.

Hence the problem that has been widely discussed on this site.

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