If healthy & the price is right....Jets should sign Edwards

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What about his down year / injury?

Braylon Edwards is coming off a TERRIBLE year that included ZERO touchdowns on only 24 receptions; and a serious knee injury. He had surgery last season. It’s been taking Braylon long to fully recover, so the Jets have probably played their cards right thus far.

A lot of Jets fans would like to sign Edwards, but we’ve been smart not to before the 2012 Draft. How do we know Edwards will be the same guy we had in 2009 and 2010? After a serious injury like he suffered, that’s a lot to ask. That is why we drafted Hill. However, Edwards did recently tweet that he was cleared by doctors so I say we bring him in to Florham Park for a workout. What do you guys think?

Braylon would give us some fat depth at Wide Receiver. He can help develop Stephen Hill by pushing him everyday in practice. I can understand a fan’s concern with all of the off-the-field issues. But Edwards hasn’t made negative headlines in any fashion at all this offseason (thus far), and recently donated his settlement money.

In attempt to repair his image, I think Braylon may have matured a bit. If it’s true and we sign him, he could jump right back into the lineup. Especially if the rookie starts to struggle or goes down with a injury.

Don’t get me wrong I think Stephen Hill will be a special player, very special. I’m actually really high on him and I feel that he would’ve been a top 15 pick, had he played for anything but the Triple Option @ Georgia Tech. I truly believe that he has the potential be a Randy Moss-type of deep threat for us for many, many years to come. He has the talent, speed, athleticism, and competitiveness to be just that.


Back to Braylon

You’ve got to admit, that Braylon Edwards was always a competitive player. The former 3rd overall draft pick was a free agent last offseason, and the Jets chose to pay Holmes, and let Edwards walk. Now the Jets have a chance to have both of them back. We need to remember the chemistry Braylon had with Tone and the competitiveness he would bring. Mini camps, practices, playoff games, you name it. Edwards had an attitude, a rather productive one. One that would push the other “Flight Boys” come game-day and bring a spark to our offense. Braylon brought the physicality and viscousness that we needed during our big-time games. Including the playoffs. The most memorable being @ NE, during an AFC Playoff Matchup, where Edwards dragged two Patriots into the end-zone for a score. Take a look:


And who could forget the 2010 AFC Wildcard Game @ IND, where Edwards made a highflying, twisting, acrobatic catch; somehow keeping two feet inbounds:



If we can get him signed to a one year deal with minimum guaranteed $, then we’ve got to pull the trigger.

Do you agree?


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