Notes to take away from OTA’s today

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Wide Receivers had too many drops:

  • Getting Mark Sanchez to grow as a QB doesn’t always revolve around accurate thrown passes. The Receivers need to get their act together, because Sanchez can use all the help he can get, as he prepares for a turnaround season in his 4th year.

Kyle Wilson shows signs that he is progressing:

  • Kyle is in his 3rd year as a Cornerback for the Jets. He is doing well so far in OTA’s. He picked off a ball, thrown by Sanchez, intended for Dustin Keller. We really need Wilson to play big for us this year, because if he can’t, teams will have no problem picking on #20 and more importantly, avoiding #24.

 Tebow is not the best practice player:

  • What else is new? Tebow did go 4-5 passing at one point, including a nicely completed pass to Santonio Holmes.

Bart Scott was loud:

  • Again, what else is new, HA. Though there weren’t any serious fights, Bart played the instigator role, starting some pushing & shoving. Scott was also seen barking calls/orders and covering some ground. He plans to prove to the coaching staff that he DOES belong on the field with the starting defense.

Yeremiah Bell looks like a great offseason pickup (so far):

  • Bell intercepted Mark Sanchez–a diving pick on a ball in which Dustin Keller couldn’t hold on to. Bell has had a couple of picks already during this off-season’s OTA’s. That is pretty impressive, considering he is brand new to the system, and was recently signed just a couple of weeks ago. It’s really important that Bell gets a good grasp of the defense, to give us some insurance–if or when LaRon Landry’s durability becomes an issue



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