Jets Spotlight, QB Matt Simms

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PROS:His release is a major pro. Take a look at the tape. He gets the snap, makes his read, and gets the ball out of his hands. A professional pass rush will have a tough time getting to him. He also has great touch on the deep ball. Inside or outside the numbers, he throws a very catchable ball down the field.

CONS:He doesn’t have a great completion percentage in college (53.9%), and if you look at the short, and intermediate passes, you can see why. His timing on slant patterns, for example, is very inconsistent. For every one that is perfect and in stride, there is one that is high, or behind, or in some cases both. These are throws that must be consistent on a throw by throw basis to make it in the pros. His zip could be better on these types of throws as well, which is what causes the timing problem on some of the throws in the tapes.

Simms isn’t perfect. He obviously won’t have a chance to move up to the number 1 or 2 spot on the chart, but will certainly compete for the number 3 spot. Greg McElroy is the incumbent, and favorite, but never count out a Simms. His Dad faced a lot of adversity in this town, and went on to be a legend. Don’t count out Matt Simms to earn that 3rd string spot.

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