A Bigger Mayhem

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To aid in the confusion designed to make Maybin even more effective, he has lined up all over the formation during OTAs, so the offense will have no idea where he is coming from.

“Now the goal is, it’s not good enough anymore to be a role player,” he said. “Now we have to make ourselves an impact player. We have to change the momentum of games.”

Aaron wants to be opn the field every down, which is the motivation for him to bulk up. The Bills had very high expectations for him as a first round pick. The Jets, on the other hand, have recognized what Maybin is good at, and carved out a specific niche for him in the defense.

“Those years when I was struggling in Buffalo, I was really struggling,” he said. “I was mad and pissed off, too. I was mad every single day. They wanted me to be something I wasn’t. “Rex and the coaches here have embraced me for who I am and what I am, and they put me in a position to be exactly that. I can’t even put into words how good that feels.”

It’s a testament to the quality of the Jets coaching that they could find the diamond in the rough. Players too often get put into specific roles and expectations, solely based on their draft pick, and it causes uncomfortable, and unfavorable situations, as it did in Maybin’s case in Buffalo. You have to be able to see what a guy can do, and harness that. Hopefully, we can see more havoc being reaked on the field in 2012.

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