Rex Ryan Taking a More Active Role with the Defense

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The first two seasons, coach Ryan was highly involved with the defense. In 2011, he left the defenses to its own devices a bit, while taking more of an active role in the Jets offense. With Tony Sparano now leading the offense, Rex is freed up to spend more time with his first love, the defense.

Coach is not in the meetings taking over for Mike Pettine. He is just adding information, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“He’s teaching a little more in the meetings — definitely a bit more consistent coming in. Somehow he’s in there, every day, every other day. Just giving us more tidbits of information to help us learn and understand. He’s trying to make sure that we’re on the same page,” Wilson said.

Sione Pouha had an interesting analogy:

“For me, it’s like being in an AP class right now, the type of learning we’re getting. Having Rex in there, it is going back to his roots really, I mean, he made his name as a defensive coordinator with the Ravens. So having him in there, having his understanding and just a different perspective. That’s key for us.”

Two years of working hard with the defense, 2 AFC Championship appearances. One year of staying away from the defense, 8-8. If Rex wants to involve himself more, works for me.

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