Bart Scott Talks About Commissioner Goodell and the Pro Bowl

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Bart Scott also talked about his feeling that he doesn’t want his kids playing football. He looked into some of the feedback he received, and had this to say:

“People are idiots, they have no idea. Who cares? I looked at some of the comments because someone told me people were saying ‘Oh his kid is going to be fat, why is he bashing the game?

After taking in the feedback he received from people, he added this:

“We all want certain things for our kids, why can’t I want mine to be president? Or a CEO, or own a football team? You should want the best for your kids. It ain’t about not wanting them to play, it’s about wanting more for your kids.”

I will reiterate what I have said in the past on this.  Bart is entitled to his opinion.  Nobody has the right to tell another parent how to run his/her household.  If Scott doesn’t want his kids to play football, he should not receive and grief for feeling that way.  None.

If you saw my post earlier today, you see that I also agree with Bart Scott on the Pro Bowl.  Leave it alone, it’s fun.

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