Is an Identity Necessary to be Successful as an Offense?

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What the deciding factor has to be, what system is best for your players? The Jets feel the best system for Mark Sanchez is to be run-heavy. Here are three excellent reasons why, courtesy of Jets’ beat writer Rich Cimini:

1. Fewer pass attempts, less opportunity for turnovers.
2. Running sets up play-action, which freezes linebackers and creates passing lanes in the seam and intermediate/deep zones. Statistically, Sanchez is more effective when throwing deep; his accuracy issues hamper his ability to operate a short, controlled passing game.
3. An effective running game means more eight-man fronts by the defense, resulting in single-high safety looks — an easier defense to read for Sanchez.

I personally believe that this will be the best way for the Jets.  They will have to execute, as I have mentioned in the past, but if they can do it, this will put them in the best position to win.

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