Catholic High School Withholds Diploma from Student for Tebowing

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The punishment, in fact, was his mom’s idea. She is a math teacher at the school, and wanted to teach her son a lesson.

Here’s an excerpt from the wptv website article on the incident:

Rather than Shriner getting his diploma on Saturday, his mother picked it up. When Shriner was told he wouldn’t get his diploma, he said it was “to teach him a lesson.”

“We were told not to mess around during it,” he said.

When Shriner cleaned the gym on Monday and spoke to his mom after school, she told him everything.

“She was really mad,” Shriner said. “But I think it was worth it.”


Seems an odd thing to make a big deal out of. Whether you think the gesture is cool, or annoying, all it really is to show is praying to God. Shouldn’t that be OK in a Catholic school?

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