What it Takes to Be a Jets Fan

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Why do we keep coming back, Jets fans? After all the disappointment, why do we do it? We are gluttons for punishment, that is why. Think about all of the things we have seen, I’ll go back through what I remember: Late hit on Mark Gastineau, the Fake Spike(I still hate Dan Marino), Rich Kotite, the second half of the 1998 AFC title game, Doug Brien, Tom Brady(times a lot), 2 more AFC title losses…I am sure there are more that I am just not thinking about.

We don’t have a championship in over a generation. At least the Mets, for example, have one from 1986. We don’t have one in over a generation! Think about that. For thirty somethings like myself, our parents saw the Jets win it all when they were in their teens or early 20s, and that has been it. We must be gluttons for punishment, right?

That one was a bit in jest. We are gluttons, but that really isn’t it.

What is it, then?


We have the most passionate fans in football, I am convinced of it. We take our lead from the great Fireman Ed. When it is going well, there is nothing like being in the building for a Jets game, is there? I live and die by this team, win or lose. Whoever brought you into the world of the Jets, your parents, your friends, whomever it was, you got hooked. Now, no matter what happens, we bleed green and white. We believe every year, whether the coach is making a guarantee or not, that despite all of the years to the contrary, that this is our year.

We stay with this team because we love them. Despite all of the bad draft picks, the hard luck plays, bad coaching, and everything else we have had to endure over the years, we stay.

We are a strong people, because we stay with our team through thick and thin. Because we are the most passion group of fans out there, am I right?

I finish with words we live by.

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you love the Jets? How have you been able to stick with it through all of these years? Would love to hear your thoughts below…

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