Eric Smith v. Yeremiah Bell: Tale of the Tape

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I took a look at the stats of Yeremiah Bell and Eric Smith, from 2006-present, since Smith entered the league in 2006. Here is what I came up with:

Tackles: Eric Smith 290, Yeremiah Bell 515

That was expected based on the reputation. But now look at passing related stats:

Passes Defended: Eric Smith 21, Yeremiah Bell 40

Wait, I thought he couldn’t cover anybody?

Interceptions: Eric Smith 5, Yeremiah Bell 5

Again, I thought Bell couldn’t play pass defense?

My point is that Yeremiah Bell is a clear upgrade to Eric Smith, in both the run defense and pass defense. And even if he wasn’t a good pass defender, I don’t think this would happen you Yeremiah Bell:

Yeremiah Bell is clearly a better tackler than that, and for that reason alone he is an upgrade to Eric Smith.

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