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Tim Tebow Visits with Leukemia Patient

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Rest in peace Preston. Maybe we will find a cure some day. At least you got to meet your hero while you were still with us.

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  • Pete Frank

    Nice read, Adam.  Yet, you wrote yesterday, about Tebow, that you “didn’t want him here.” 
    Your words were:  “Tebowmania. Just the word brings a lot of emotion up on both sides, both with the Tebow fans, and the fans, like myself, that don’t want him here.”
    Sometimes, it’s just hard to figure out some of you writers, or is it anything for a story?  I guess you don’t want him as a Jet, but maybe he’s an okay guy when plays the part of hero to a little dying boy?   

    • Alan Schechter

      Hi Pete,
      By the way, it’s Alan, not Adam.

      Your last sentence tells it accurately. I don’t want the guy on the Jets. You know this if you read this site more than once. He’s not a great quarterback, and it’s a QB controversy brewing, that just won’t help.

      But that doesn’t mean I can’t report on the good side of him, does it? I think he is a wonderful person, and I have actually written that if I had kids, I would want them to be like him. It’s two separate things, Tebow the man, and Tebow the football player.

      There’s no reason why I can write about the great things he does. That doesn’t mean I have to want him on the Jets.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Pete Frank

    Sorry, Alan.  Your name is too similar to Adam Schefter.

    • Alan Schechter

      Pete I only wish I had the access that he had.
      You know it’s funny that you say that because I would send comments and questions to the NFL32 program on ESPN, and whenever they said my name, they would say that I was actually Adam Schefter under an alias.

      I’m glad you liked the writeup. And please keep coming back. It’s like I said, I think he is a wonderful guy and when he does great things, I feel no reason not to report them. One of the best, if not the best guys in the league.

      But I don’t want him on the Jets and I am going to make that clear too.

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