Schottenheimer v Sparano: Tale of the Tape

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I am not in disagreement that it was time for a new direction. But for anyone who thinks Tony Sparano is the absolutely the next great thing, take a look at this comparison of the Jets and Dolphins from 2008-2011, Sparano’s time in Miami. Let’s look at what the offensive rankings were for each team, and it is interesting:

2008: Miami Dolphins-21st; New York Jets-9th
2009: Miami Dolphins-15th; New York Jets-17th
2010: Miami Dolphins-30th; New York Jets-13th
2011: Miami Dolphins-20th; New York Jets-13th

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are other factors that went into this, the Jets did have Brett Favre in 2008, for example.

However, all I am saying is, for everyone that wanted to blame Brian Schottenheimer for all the problems of the Jets offense, look above. Schotty’s offense was better than Tony Sparano’s, three out of four years. The one year that Miami’s offense topped New York’s, it was only by two spots.

My point. Did the Jets need a change? Probably. But let’s not get too carried away. He’s not Norv Turner. He wasn’t the head of the number one rushing offense in 2009, Schotty was. If the Jets offense doesn’t execute. It really won’t matter who the offensive coordinator is.

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