Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the 2012 New York Jets

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Tebowmania takes over New York, even more than it has already, and it starts to break down Mark Sanchez. He has a very middle of the road preseason, and Tebow looks OK when he comes in to play against the second team defenses. Approximately halfway through the preseason, however, Rex Ryan comes out and announces that Mark Sanchez is still the starting quarterback, but the pressure is still mounting from outside.

The questions continue, when will Tim Tebow be named the starter? How is Mark going to respond? The answer to the latter question is, not well.

After barely escaping week 1 with a victory, a three game tailspin starts in Pittsburgh. Mark is feeling the pressure, and his game suffers. It culminates with a game that the Jets are losing at home in week 4 to the Niners at the half. Tim Tebow comes out to play quarterback in the second half, the Jets have a valiant comeback, but ultimately fall to 1-3. The week after that game, Tim Tebow is named the starting quarterback.

And it all comes unglued.

Tim Tebow starts, and shows the world what his quarterback mechanics are really like. He bounces passes to Santonio Holmes, throws passes over Stephen Hill’s head, and his completion percentage is well below 50%. Santonio Holmes’ attitude returns, and the locker room is a full on divided room, and Tebow can’t save it.

The Jets finish the season 4-12.

There you have it, my best and worst case scenarios for 2012. What do you think? Sound off below…

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