Sanchez/Tebow Makes Less and Less Sense

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Steve Weatherford did play with Mark Sanchez. If I remember correctly, those two seasons they spent together, the Jets went to both AFC championship games, and were winning one of them at halftime. It’s hard to say what Steve Weatherford is specifically referring to, but let’s take it easy punter. Last time I checked, you aren’t a scout, nor are you even a broadcaster. You are a terrific punter, stick with that.

I’m not going to go into the details again of the Jets setting Sanchez up to go down this year, but I firmly believe they hvae done just that.

Nobody tells the whole story about Mark Sanchez anymore. I don’t get it. Everyone talks one-sided about Mark Sanchez. It’s not fair.

Does Mark Sanchez make bad decisions with the football sometimes? Absolutely. Does it have to stop? Yes. But you have to take in the other side. Mark Sanchez accounted for 32 TDs in 2011. Hey Amani, hey Steve, Eli Manning only accounted for 30. You have to look at both sides.

Four playoff road wins in two years. Not too many people do that. Does one 8-8 season make that all go away? I know it doesn’t for me.

Nobody is fair to Mark Sanchez, and everyone seems to be pro Tebow. And it just doesn’t make any sense.

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