Broadway Joe Says the Sanchize is "Much Better" than Tim Tebow

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Namath was publicly critical of the trade when it happened, but he seems to have come around a bit to the idea, thinking that it can work. He said that with Sanchez’s skills, his attitude should be, “bring on the competition”.

His one comment was that the Tebow/Sanchez relationship could become dicey, and that depends on Sanchez.

“That’s going be sensitive; that’s going to be tough,” Namath said. “We’ll wait and see what’s happening. Of course, when things aren’t going well, we’re a little bit touchy, and it’s easy to get upset with some things, some things can get on your nerves. As a quarterback, I’d like to take every snap in practice that I can get. It’s going to remain to be seen how many snaps, how they share the snaps in practice come regular-season time.”

Sorry Tebow fans, you know my feeling on this. Sanchez is far better than Tebow. Yes, I know that makes you all mad, you all give me the negative feedback when I say it, but it’s true.

Namath usually gets it wrong, but here he got it right. Sanchez is the better quarterback, and it’s not close. However, he is also right that this could become an issue if Mark doesn’t respond. If it becomes a problem, like I have said before.

It’s all downhill from there.

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