Is Rex Ryan the Jets Second Best Coach Ever?

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Let’s do some comparison, shall we?

We can easily compare the records, since Bill only coached the Jets for three seasons. Interestingly, their regular season records are remarkably similar:

Bill Parcells: 29-19
Rex Ryan: 28-20

The big difference is in the playoff records:

Rex Ryan: 4-2
Bill Parcells: 1-1

The strongest case for Bill Parcells is what he brought the team from. He turned around a Jets team that hadn’t even been respectable in many years. The previous two seasons before Bill came to town, the Jets won a total of four games, for any young readers that may not remember. The Jets were 1-15 the season before Bill Parcells came in, and the Jets were a joke. He turned the Jets from a joke of a football team, to a good football team.

Rex Ryan, took a team that did have a 9-7 record the previous season, and did take them to the AFC championship game. But, he actually led them to the identical record of 9-7. This was a team that had some pieces in place prior to coach Ryan’s arrival. This is not to take away from the job Rex has done, but just simply to say that he didn’t have to rebuild the way Bill Parcells did.

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