The Role of Stephen Hill in 2012

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Hill’s role in 2012? Well, if you ask Rex, he will be a starter, but I still think that remains to be seen. There has been a lot of talk about Hill’s route running. That will be the determining factor in 2012.

Hill has the potential to be a special talent. He also, if not handled correctly, could be Johnny “Lam” Jones. Any Jets fans from the eighties know that would be an absolute disaster.

He will make a big contribution in 2012. No doubt. What they aren’t going to do is weigh Hill down with too much too fast. He may start out as a guy coming in on passing downs as a 3rd wide receiver, while working his way in as a starter.

His major threat will be in the vertical game. For “ground and pound” to work, there has to be a threat to stretch the field, otherwise, the defense will pinch in and stop the running game. Hill will be a threat down the field, and a major key as to whether the “ground and pound” attack makes a resurgence.

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