JET PRESS EXCLUSIVE:One on One with LB Demario Davis

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The Jet Press got a unique opportunity that we are going to share with you right now. Third round choice, LB Demario Davis, was gracious enough to sit down with us via telephone for a brief, exclusive interview. And here it is.

The Jet Press: Thanks for doing this Demario, we really appreciate you taking the time.

Demario Davis: No problem at all man.

TJP:So, it’s been a few weeks now of being a Jet, how are you feeling? You happy?

DD: Yeah I’m very happy being a Jet, enjoying every bit of it. Now just going through the process of learning the plays, learning the system. Enjoying every bit of being a Jet.

TJP: So to start, give the readers who may not be a aware a little bit of background, where you are from, where you went to school..etc.

DD:: Sure, I come from a small town, known as Brandon, Mississippi. I went to college at Arkansas State, that’s where I graduated from, and now I am a New York Jet.

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