Jets Anthony and D'Anton Lynn Have to Learn to Work as Coach/Player

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D’Anton isn’t concerned as we mentioned before, but Anthony thinks there might be some weird situations.

“It’s going to be weird not being able to coach him up or give advice or hang out,” said Lynn, who played seven years in the NFL as a running back. “When he’s in this building, I’ve got to compartmentalize my little brain. I coach the running backs, I’ve got to get the running backs ready, and I can’t be worried about what he is doing.”

D’Anton Lynn is staying at the hotel with other rookies. His Dad joked that his son wouldn’t want to stay with him anyway.

After a season with such trouble in the locker room, wouldn’t this be a nice feel good story if D’Anton makes the team?

I will leave you with the words of a proud Dad.

“But I’m proud of him. To see him in a Jet jersey here with dad, he’s accomplished a lot, and I know he wants to accomplish a lot more. I believe he will.”

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