Would Cedric Benson Be the Right Fit for the New York Jets?

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Benson is also a bit more careless with the football than Greene, Greene with only 1 fumble in 2011 vs Benson’s 5. (Comparing only 2011 because this was the only season that Greene has been the full time starter).

Shonn also recorded 2x was many receptions as Benson in 2011 (Greene 30, Benson 11).

Finally, Cedric Benson has some character issues. He was suspended for one game due to an off the field incident. Now, I am not saying that guys can’t work through that, Braylon Edwards had his troubles and maintained his good performance level with the Jets. However, I don’t know if a team that already has issues around it, needs this type of person in the locker room.

Bottom line? The artist formerly known as the Mangenious is right, Benson would help. But is he the right fit? I am not so sure.

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