What's Next for the New York Jets?

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I know that they drafted two, as well as signing Laron Landry, but one more veteran would still be prudent.  Landry has had trouble with injuries, and the two they drafted are still just rookies.  Whether it’s a return of Jim Leonhard, or someone new such as Yeremiah Bell, Chris Harris, or Oshiomogho Atogwe, there are veteran ball hawks out there.


A twitter follower reminded me of this and he is right on the money.  TJ Conley had an awful season, I don’t think anyone had any confidence in him pinning the other team back anywhere.  We missed Steve Weatherford.  There are available punters that could take the job, or at least push Conley to perform.  They can bring in a guy like Matt Turk, Brad Maynard or Matt McBriar, to bring in a punter with some credibility.

It definitely will be fun to watch what this team does in the coming weeks.

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