NY Post Q and A With the Jets Quinton Coples

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Q: Describe what that moment feels like.

A: It just gives you an adrenaline rush that you have to get another one, or you’re thirsty, and you’re just dying to get another sack.

Q: Any favorite sacks?

A: There’s two. First one is I was in ninth grade. I was in JV, we were playing a 4-A powerhouse team, J.H. Rose from Greenville, N.C., and basically, I was on the right side, came from his blind side, it was right before halftime, he dropped back and … it was me versus him. One of the loudest sacks that I ever had.

Q: Was he hurt?

A: Yeah, he was hurt.

Q: How hurt?

A: He didn’t finish the game.

Q: Do you hate quarterbacks?

A: On the field, yeah. … It’s like they’re just the worst people ever once you’re on the field. It’s like I have to do something to ’em, I have to hurt ’em. They’re trying to hurt my teammates and me in a sense, so I have to make sure that they don’t do that.

Q: What was the other favorite sack?

A: My freshman year in college, I sacked Jimmy Clausen from Notre Dame, first sack.

Q: Tell me about that one.

A: Going against a tough right O-tackle, and I came around, and went on the field. I didn’t really know the game like some of my teammates did, and I’m just going up the field and squeezing the pocket, and Jimmy Clausen stepped up, and I spinned backwards and went right there to him.

Q: Who are some other quarterbacks you want to sack other than Tom Brady?

A: Each 16 of ’em that’s on the schedule (smile). All of ’em. That’s a part of my job now.

Q: How would you describe your on-field mentality?

A: Crazy.

Q: Crazy how?

A: Just don’t be thinking. I got my mission — I got the play in my head, I got my response to whatever the offensive linemen give me, and I gotta get to the quarterback. One of those three things is gonna happen.

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