To Do List for the 2012 New York Jets Draft

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Another obvious issue is at free safety. Anyone who watched Eric Smith allow 3 billion receiving yards to tight ends, or watched him whiff on the Tim Tebow tackle in primetime knows what I am talking about. They need a guy that can stay with a tight end, and make plays on the football.

Offensive tackle is up next. It sounds like they might not address it early, but they need to address it. Wayne Hunter anyone? I think anyone of us reading this could be Wayne Hunter around the edge. He was very good about watching pass rushers get by him. Not good.

I put wide receiver at #4 on the list, and running back not all, because they aren’t as high of a priority in my opinion. The Jets need to add depth at the position, but I believe that Chaz Schilens could play well enough to be the number two guy, if he is healthy.

The Jets may have the depth at running back on their roster. We really don’t know what Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell can do, and they will get their chance this summer.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to see my three round Jets mock draft.

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