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Jets Mike Tannenbaum Open to Moving Either Direction with Pick 16

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Senior personnel consultant Terry Bradway was also on hand, and said, as expected, that a pass rusher is “a position we’ve been looking at”, and we’ve discussed on here some of the top prospects.

“I think when you look at it, seven of the eight outside linebackers on our board were all college defensive ends,” Bradway said. “I think there’s a good number. I think it’s a position that we’d like to get a young guy in there that can play and help us win. If that happens, then we’ll be happy.”

Vice president of scouting Joey Clinkscales said the team would be also excited to bring in Michael Floyd on the first round, but safety Mark Barron, although talented, may not fit in their scheme. He played a lot of zone in college, and may not fit into true man to man designs.

They also didn’t rule out the possibility of taking a quarterback late, subscribing to the Ron Wolf philosophy that you can never have to many.

In other news, Mike would not address Darrelle Revis’ contract, saying “He is under contract”.

I still think that they are going to go pass rusher on round one. They have to keep all options open when they discuss it, it would be a bad idea to tip their hand. I frankly see them moving up and taking Melvin Ingram.

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