Do the Jets "Need" to Trade Up for Melvin Ingram?

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Clearly, both of these guys have ability. No doubt, the Jets can’t really go wrong picking any one of these guys. They will make an immediate impact coming off the edge.

The major issue is whether they think Coples could be available at their current pick in the draft. The trade up for Ingram could be costly. What do they have to give up to get that high?

To move up into the top 10, which is where it seems they will need to go in order to get Ingram, could cost them their second round pick. What if a guy like George Iloka is available at their spot in the second round? He would also make an impact at another gaping hole, safety. What about an Alshon Jeffery, who could be an impact WR?

If they can move up without giving up their second round pick, by all means, go ahead. If the Jets honestly don’t believe they can get an impact pass rusher at the 16th pick, again, by all means, move on up. But, if they can get Coples at number 16, they might consider staying there, and then keeping the second round to use on a safety, or a WR.

Staying put might allow them to acquire both quantity, and quality.

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